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Some of Our Custom Challenge Coins

Custom Challenge Coins

Ordering your custom challenge coin is as easy as 1,2,3.
Nothing matters until your design is right!



  • Send us your logo or image
  • Provide the date needed by
  • How many do you need


Free Proofs

We will send you a custom proof free of charge. We will continue working with you until it is perfect.


Finish Product

After proof approval and order, your order will take 4-5 weeks.

Let's discuss your vision


Do You Want Ball Marker in Coin?     
If Yes, Click Here

Autism puzzle live

Do You Want Magnetic Golf Ball Markers?
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New Phoenix casino coin plating colors

All plating colors are available for matching your design

Any questions, Call us at 770-429-1844 or 1-866-782-9748  or Email us

Custom Ordering Questions

Do you want round or a shape?

When do you need them? | How many do you need?

Would you like a specific edge style?
Regular Shape
Andrews Coin original-1
Gear Edge
Wave Cut edge
Wave Edge
coin 2
Rope Edge
coin 6
Tassel Edge

sizes range from 1inch to 2.5inches in diameter

Having a date allows us to maximize the efficiency of the order to get you your items for your event.
chasomecus (12)

Mold Charges

  • Mold for coin: $140 to $190 
  • (depending on size, and shape)

Wholesale Pricing

Quoted with each proof, to match your unique needs and wants. Based on quantity and size.

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